Turn Your Unused Domain Name Into CASH

Looking for a way to make simple money online? DomainOptimized.com offers the only turnkey solution to a simple work at home empire that is 100% automated! With a collection of a whopping 100 AdSense ready web sites and 10,000+ PLR with Resell Right, complete with multiple articles for each web site, key words, each site is already optimized so that you can start making an AdSense income immediately.

Have you ever wondered why certain Niche Site Marketers make Big Money with their Niche Sites and others are lucky to hit the $100 payout? This is the most common question we are asked each and every day, when we talk about Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

Usually, before we get a chance to answer the question, the person goes on to tell us their ‘theory’ and more often than not, the theory is way off base. You see, if Google or Affilate Programs decided to cancel your account or delete you right before you reached the payout number, they wouldn’t have a very good business model.

In fact, I’ve met hundreds of people that make 5 figures every month from Adsense and Affiliate Marketing and they all have one thing in common… but more on that later…

One of the biggest mistakes marketer’s make is to use listen to outdated information or use outdated tools & resources, and unfortunately, as vast as the internet is, you are bound to run into this problem. But, don’t worry, everyone has been in your shoes at one time or another.

100 Niche Adsense Content Sites with all the following features :

  • SEO Keyword Article Management System
  • SEO Friendly RSS Feeds
  • Affiliate Product Placement
  • Easy Push-Button Updates
  • Add New Rotating Content With Ease
  • Brand New Admin Area for Every Site
  • Edit and Add articles in the Admin Interface
  • Add and Delete Keywords in the Admin Interface
  • Keyword Article Management System
  • TOS, Privacy, Links, Contact Pages, Editable in the Admin Interface
  • Robots.txt and Custom Error Page
  • Configuration File Editable in the Admin Interface
  • Rotating Phrases for Title, Description and Headlines
  • Image Rotation Next to Adsense and Affiliate Ads
  • Dynamic Links Pages with One File to Edit for the Layout
  • 10,000+ PLR with Resell Right

#1 – Powerful and Highly Customizable

For the more adventurous, editing the entire site is a breeze…because 100 AdSense ready web sites is completely template based…even for those who know nuts about designing, you can easily hire a web designer to professionally edit your adsense niche websites

#2 Fully Automated Website Creation

Set it up once and every single time there’s a new article for your main keyword or keyword tags, your websites gets updated automatically!

#3 Dynamically Search Engine Friendly Pages

Using dynamic internal linking methods, you can be rest assured that EVERY tag and links gets crawled by the search engine spiders. Imagine…your tags, keywords being crawled….better prominence in SE rankings and position!

#4 Does Not Exhaust Your Bandwidth

This script uses dynamic pages..in other words, it uses minimal hard disk resources. Your web host will be running on optimum performance!

You have ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose but LOTS TO GAIN!

More info go to http://www.DomainOptimized.com



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